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binary package zip - for those who don't like installers

Current version (beta)

Fixed bug when adding files from left panel after a recursive search part of the path would be missing
Changed application icon to match window icon
Added version number to window title
Reduced memory footprint of left panel loading procedure
Fixed a bug where file extensions that did not have an associated application would not display in the list
Added GW2 icon
Added file icons to the right panel
Fixed bug in saving/loading that would add blank lines and then fail to load more than one line
Fixed bug in left panel audio playback
Browse button now has a "Recursive" option (default off)
Left panel now groups files by folder name; selected folder down to the displayed folder if Recursive is on
From this point forward, the app should check for updates each time you start it and will be able to update itself, so you dont need to come to this page if you don’t want to
Zip now contains debug binaries, instead of installer, since people had problems with it :/
Figured out how to use ClickOnce™ deployment outside of a LAN (lol) and make the download work properly on our website. Please note there may be a lot of security popups from Windows, your web browser and your antivirus since I can’t afford a proper security certificate
Left panel now shows files with the following extensions in addition to .mp3: .aiff, .flac, .ogg, .wav

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